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Riding Lessons

Our focus at Our Kids Farm is learning to ride and handle your horse in the safest way possible. Lessons include a combination of groundwork: such as leading, grooming and tacking up your horse, and riding skills. Riding a horse is not like riding a bicycle. Horses are living, breathing animals with their own personalities and temperaments. Riding a horse is about learning to work as a team.

The focus of riding at Our Kids Farm is centered riding. Centered Riding is a method of teaching that spans all riding disciplines including English, Western and Trail. Centered riding incorporates both the rider and the horse rather than looking at each as separate units. In being centered or balanced on your horse, your horse in turn can be centered or balanced under you. This leads to a more enjoyable and comfortable ride for both the rider and the horse.

No special equipment is required to learn to ride. We provide safety helmets and all of the tack for the horses here at the farm. The only thing necessary for the rider is long pants (like jeans) and a shoe or boot with a small (1/2 inch) heel like a work boot.

Lessons are scheduled by appointment only. Lessons are 1 hour in length and cost $50.00 per 1 hour or $30 per half hour for a private lesson or $40 per rider for a semiprivate lesson. Semiprivate lessons are given at the discretion of the farm based on the ability level of both riders.

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