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Kid's Picks

Kid’s picks is a list of plants that we feel perform well with minimum maintenance.


Begonias –Best in shady to partly sunny areas.

Dragon Wing Red, Dragon Wing Pink: Semi trailing plant with glossy leaves. Does not need deadheading and is heat and drought tolerant.

Nonstop Tuberous Begonias: Our favorite colors are Mocca Scarlet and Mocca Pink Shades.  The Moccas have dark leaves. They have large showy flowers on upright mounding plants that need minimal care.

Browallia – Blue Bells: Best in partial shade. Blue bell shaped flowers on upright plants. Does not need deadheading.

Euphorbia – Diamond Frost: Best in sunny to partly shady areas. Small white flowers on semi-upright plants. They do not need deadheading and are drought tolerant.

Ivy Cascade Geraniums (also known as European type ivy geraniums) –

Acapulco – rose

Bright – red

Sofie – salmon pink

Best in sunny to partly shady areas. They are very heat and drought tolerant. Deadheading is not necessary.

Mandevilla – Pink (Alice Dupont), Red or White: Best in sunny locations. A heat loving tropical vine that is drought tolerant and does not need deadheading. They are a vigorous climber and need a trellis or some other type of support to climb on. In the heat of summer they will be covered in large trumpet shaped blossoms.

Salvia – Victoria Blue: Best in sunny to partly shady areas. Tall (18 inch) plants with dark blue flower spikes above the foliage. They will blossom all season in either hot or cool temperatures with minimal deadheading and care.

Verbena – Imagination: Best in sunny to partly shady areas. Semi trailing plants with lacy foliage and clusters of small blue-purple blossoms. Works well with other plants in planters and window boxes where it will give splashes of color among the other plants.


  Peppers – Golden Summer: Sweet bell pepper with thick walls. They start as a light green and turn a dark yellow to golden at full maturity. They have a mild flavor when green and an even sweeter and milder flavor when fully ripe.

  Tomato – Celebrity: A medium size red tomato with good flavor and yields on strong disease resistant plants.

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